NexGen Heating Film

Our design has been chosen for quick and easy install of retrofit and new build projects. Our heating films are ultralight, flexible and 0.4mm thickness. We use a ‘plug and play’ system for connecting the heating films to the low voltage transformer and, because we are using low voltage, it is safe to install. Our heating films have been designed to be placed discreetly on ceilings, walls and floors and directly covered with a chosen finish. Unlike other competitors’ products our heating films can be cut anywhere, on the graphene mix area, to accommodate sockets, light switches and LED lights. There are no mechanical moving parts and therefore no annual maintenance and servicing is required. The heating films have a 15 year warranty, although the product lifecycle is considerably longer.

As we look for ways to help promote a lower carbon footprint and reduce ever increasing energy costs, we are driven to challenge the status quo and find new technologies that can meet these. NexGen has risen to the challenge and our technology will help to play its part in solving tomorrows problems today.