Modular Methods of Construction

Low Carbon Radiant Heating Solution for all Modular Methods of Construction.
An affordable, energy efficient, clean and quiet heating solution.

NexGen Waterproof Heating Film

NexGen low resistance, waterproof, graphite and graphene based FAR infrared heating films are the ideal heating solution for caravans, chalets and garden pods and are easily controlled with modern Smart enabled room thermostats.

Ultra-thin, flexible, NexGen can be quickly and easily installed into floors and directly covered with a chosen finish. NexGen is a low voltage ‘plug and play’ system, connected via low voltage transformers and is safe to install, safe to touch and can be cut if required on the graphene/graphite area.

NexGen has no moving parts, no liquid elements and no internal combustion which require annual servicing. The heating films have a 15-year warranty.

NexGen heats through the building fabric and not the air mass like conventional heating and helps to eradicate damp, mould and condensation problems. NexGen emits healthy FAR Infrared heat creating healthier living and working environments.

NexGen can be powered from renewable technologies including Solar PV, Wind Turbines and Battery Storage. NexGen heating films reduce energy consumption and, when powered with 100% renewable energy sources, can reduce annual carbon emissions to zero. NexGen when compared to various heating solutions can deliver savings as high as 60% on energy bills.

Planning & Design
• A fully costed complete concept design to completion service is available if required
• All projects and schemes including small and large developments, new builds and upgrades can be accommodated

• A full training and support package is available for your installation teams
• Quotes can be provided for installation

To arrange a demonstration of NexGen Futures Heating Film please contact:

Michael Beveridge on 07841 038787