Costs Savings

Heating at low voltage is safe, efficient and reliable. Our heating films warm up and cool down times are much faster than conventional heating systems (typically 2 minutes). Our heating films are independently controlled so every room can be zoned to create warmth where needed, cutting down on energy used with significant cost savings. NexGen set to 18°C feels like central heating set to 20°C – 21°C and, estimates of around 10% less energy used per degree celsius, add significant savings to running costs. In comparison with other forms of electric heating and infrared panels our heating films save on average 40-50% in running costs.

NexGen can be powered from other renewable technologies and can make use of low nighttime tariffs with Solar PV, Wind Turbines and Battery Storage Systems. NexGen works with both A.C. and D.C. power supply. Our technology can also be powered from batteries between 5v and 48v as required, for individual product solutions according to required temperatures.