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Graphene is the future of nanotechnology.
NexGen Futures is a startup company embracing new disruptive technologies. Our vision is to provide a portfolio of solutions which contribute to a lower carbon footprint, address fuel poverty, and create a range of innovative products designed to disrupt market sectors and challenge the status quo.

The first product in our portfolio integrates NexGen nanotechnology to develop the most advanced waterproof heating films available. Our heating films are suitable for use in both internal and external projects and product integration.

NexGen multi-award winning, low resistance, waterproof, heating films have been developed by a team with over 30 years’ experience working within the fields of engineering technology and conductive and resistive inks.

The graphite and graphene base nanomaterial deployed as an innovative heating solution for multiple applications across industry sectors including Construction and Modular Construction, Automotive, Marine, Stadiums, Festivals, Crisis Relief and Consumer Goods. Utilising our core nanotechnology, we work with clients to develop and implement bespoke integrated solutions which give a competitive advantage and help to differentiate from their competitors.

Ongoing research and development by our pioneering team is driving our nanotechnology forward to meet future challenges. Our company strives to be ahead of the curve and deliver cutting edge solutions to solve tomorrows problems today.








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